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Brazil Coffee Farmer Throwing Cherry into the air for sorting at origin. Brightly Coloured with red cherries, blue sky and lush green coffee plant

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The PANGEA Project


bean sorting at claudia rivera's farm

finca el porvenir - nicaragua

The below footage was taken at origin and shows the process of hand-sorting the ripe coffee cherries (red) from the under ripe green cherries.

Hand selecting is the only way to ensure maximum quality, but also maximum yield.

The cherry pickers make multiple passes of the farm, carefully choosing the ripe cherries, and earmarking the unripe ones for next week's visit.

The results are a very special coffee, that is genuinely made from the best beans of the crop.

Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

Roastery Outlet

Settled in the heart of the Holme Valley, BEAR are serving consistent & excellent coffee to the good people of Holmfirth.

Opening times can be found on Google and/or Instagram

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Bear HQ


The nerve center of Bear Coffee Roasters.

Here, we take delivery of, store, experiment, small batch roast and package all of our coffee.

It's a super cool place where you can usually hear anything from Limp Bizkit being blasted out during a big roasting session, or the soft and gentle stylings of Bill Evans to aid the creative process of tasting, blending or designing packaging (or writing descriptions for the website...)


Sharing is Caring

You can serve bear too!

One less thing to worry about, consistently exceptional coffee always freshly roasted, and at reasonable prices.

We love it when people get in touch and ask about getting Bear into their own business, we currently supply a number of Coffee Shops & Cafés, Boutique Guest Houses, a couple of Bars and even Coffee Connoisseurs in offices as far as London.

We hand-deliver locally and organise shipping for premises further afield and always deliver on time.

Make the first move, either on Instagram @bearbeans_ or through email