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Gaitania Washed - COLOMBIA


Colombia - Gaitania [Washed]

Malteasers // Nougat // Milk Chocolate // Vanilla // Bright Citrus Acidity

Heritage and Diversity: Gaitania Washed. 

And we're back to the heart of Gaitania, where the indigenous Nasa Wesx tribe continues to astonish with their coffee-producing versatility. This time, we bring you a washed process coffee that stands in stark contrast to its anaerobic counterpart, showcasing the tribe's exceptional versatility and age old heritage skill.

Nurtured in the very same volcanic ash-rich soil of the Planadas municipality in Tolima, this washed blend of Caturra and Typica varietals is a testament to the Nasa Wesx community's mastery over coffee cultivation and every bean reflects the essence of their land and culture.

In the cup, the Gaitania Washed Process offers a welcome palate of flavours from the child-like treat of Malteasers and nougat to the rich embrace of milk chocolate, rounded off with a hint of vanilla. The experience is brightened by a lively citrus acidity, crafting a coffee that's both familiar yet entirely addictive.

Beyond its exquisite taste, this coffee is a homage to the Nasa Wesx's commitment to environmental stewardship and organic practices. In collaboration with the ACEDGA and ASCISP cooperatives, this community is forging a path towards sustainability, ensuring their coffee does as much good for the earth as it does for our palates.

Brewing: A super versatile coffee that promises excellence in the portafilter AND the filter. We recommend this to all, and can't wait to hear and share your findings with you. 

Dive deeper into the world of Gaitania's washed process coffee on BearbeansTV, where we'll guide you through our brewing process and our ongoing attempts to pay homage to the skilled hands of the Nasa Wesx tribe and the bountiful lands of Tolima.

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In the world of specialty coffee, the Gaitania Washed Process stands as a proud representation of the diversity and richness of Colombian coffee, brought to you by the unparalleled dedication of its indigenous producers and the passion of Yellow Bear Roasters.

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