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Aquiares - COSTA RICA


Costa Rica - Entre Rios Aquiares Estate [Classic Washed Process]

Cadbury's Milk Chocolate // Manuka Honey // Caramel

Aquiares Estate Entre Rios: Rich.

From the same Aquiares Estate soil that brings you the Red Honey Haribo Extravaganza, Don Alfonso (Pictured with his son, Diego) proudly presents this classic, immaculate and inscrutable washed coffee.


Costa Rican Volcanic soil + The Prized Marsellesa varietal x Yellow Bear Roasters = A coffee that's an absolute steal!

When brewed as espresso, you're diving into a cup where Cadbury's milk chocolate, the unique sweetness of Manuka honey, and rich caramel swirl together to create a pool of utter delight. This coffee doesn't just warm your cup; it warms your soul, offering a celebration of flavours that's as rich and sweet as espresso but super clean and bright as a pourover.

Echoing the vibrant essence of Costa Rica, this coffee is a testament to the Aquiares Estate's dedication to excellence and our passion for bringing you the crème de la crème of coffee. It's a sip of extraordinary, morning, noon, or night.

Brewing Masterclass: To fully appreciate its depth and 3 dimensional profile, we recommend starting with espresso, then experimenting with high temperature, fast brew pourover to accentuate sweetness whilst retaining body. 

Join us for a brew-along of this spectacular coffee on BearbeansTV - your guide to brewing perfection. Discover how to unlock the full potential of the Entre Rios Marsellesa and why this coffee, from the heart of Don Alfonso's estate, continues to captivate us all.

[Find us brewing live in May 2024 on]


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