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Gaitania Anaerobic - COLOMBIA


Colombia - Gaitania [Anaerobic]

Turkish Delight // Peach // Citrus Acidity // Dark Chocolate

Tribe Grown, Anaerobic Fermentation, Colombia's Finest*

We're taking you to Gaitania, a village nestled in the Planadas municipality of Tolima, Colombia, where this remarkable anaerobic coffee emerges from the hands of the indigenous Nasa Wesx tribe & community. 

Elevated through careful anaerobic fermentation, this blend of Caturra and Typica varietals take a richness of body from the volcanic ash soil of Gaitania. The trees are grown between 1700 and 1900 meters above sea level, and the cherries are blessed by a climate that dances between 16-22°C, perfect temperatures for growing exceptional coffee.

In the cup, you'll find Turkish Delight, balanced by the succulence of summer peaches. The second sip brings a bright citrus acidity and finishes with dark chocolate highlights. It's the kind of coffee that you don't find very often, and is a perfect culmination of the unique terroir of Tolima, the ancient wisdom of the Nasa Wesx tribe and Yellow Bear Roasters' dedication to serving this high upon the UK speciality coffee stage.

But the Gaitania coffee story is about more than just exquisite taste. It's a testament to the community's dedication to environmental conservation and organic practices, a commitment supported by our friends at the ACEDGA and ASCISP cooperatives. Together, we’re working towards a future where coffee not only tastes good but does good, preserving the beauty of our planet and empowering indigenous communities.

Brewing: Best allowed to breathe and open out fully, V60 or Aeropress are our favourite brew methods for this coffee. You'll really accentuate the delicate rose and citric character of this coffee.

Brewing as espresso shows that you're a true coffee scientist. We've found that it has a bold and super compressed flavour profile where everything becomes super farmyardy... which is not unpleasant... Be our guest to brew this as espresso and share your recipe with us on instagram - we're keen to hear how you get on!

Join us on BearbeansTV for this exceptional brew guide, and journey into the story of the Nasa Wesx and the enchanting landscapes of Tolima.

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