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Brown Bear - The Classic Dark Roast, Elevated.


BROWN BEAR: The Classic Reimagined

Dark Chocolate // Toasted Nuts // Nougat

Elevate Your Daily Coffee Ritual with Brown Bear.

Introducing Brown Bear, our tribute to the timeless Classic Italian Dark Roast, redefined for the modern palate.

Crafted from, of course, 100% Specialty Arabica beans, this dark roast blend balances the rich essence of premium dark chocolate, the comforting warmth of toasted nuts, and the sweet creaminess of nougat. Brown Bear is our gift to those who seek depth without the bite, offering a smooth, rich cup that's bold yet without the trade-off of bitterness.

What makes this cup stand out? It's basically a posh Snickers bar... With the luxury of 70+ chocolate, hearted by the deep comfort of perfectly toasted nuts, finished with a whisper of nougat sweetness. It’s the dark roast you’ve been waiting for, striking the perfect balance between intensity and smoothness.

Brown Bear isn't just another dark roast; it represents everything we stand for at Yellow Bear Roasters: uncompromising quality, a passion for innovation, and a commitment to giving you the best coffee we possibly can.

Brewing: Ready to embrace the dark side? Brown Bear is versatile, delicious whether pulled as an espresso or brewed in your favourite cafetiere. For those eager to dive deeper, join us on BearbeansTV for our brew-alongs starting May 2024.

We’ll explore the unique qualities of this blend and share tips to make your coffee ritual with Brown Bear something truly extraordinary.

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Welcome to a new era. It's more than just coffee; it's a celebration of flavour, a nod to tradition, and your warm invitation to join the Yellow Bear family. 💛

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