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With this option you are giving BEAR your full trust to deliver the best of what's available right now! We will select and send you our favourites every month, usually what we're drinking at BEAR HQ!


🍦 ☕ ORIGIN - FRESH & CLEAN  🥐  🥞 

A carefully curated selection of Single Origin Speciality Coffees with flavour profiles of Chocolate & Toasted Nuts.

Think warming flavours, caramel notes and soft malt, creating a smooth and easy-drinking clean cup. 



A fruity selection of Single Origin Speciality Coffees taking inspiration from the Natural side of the coffee spectrum. With this range you can expect to find fruity, zingy coffees with a really pleasant and bright acidity.

Some tasting notes you can expect are; Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Citrus, Floral, Zesty & Bright. 



If you want to stick with the classic blends, go back a page to "Subscribe" and you can order all the blends as subscriptions too (also with an added discount!)

You can pause, change and cancel your membership at any time.

"Members of The BEAR. Cubscription receive coffee that has been roasted less than 1 week prior to ensure absolute freshness!"

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