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Capim Seco - BRAZIL


Capim Seco: The Pinnacle of Classic Brazilian Excellence...!

Dry Roasted Peanuts // Milk Chocolate // Raisin // Bright Orange Acidity

Embark on a Brazilian Coffee Adventure with Capim Seco.

Journey with us to the renowned Carmo de Minas region, where Ciro Dias Pereira’s coffee farm stands as a testament to the art of coffee cultivation. Nestled in soil enriched by volcanic ash, this farm, spanning 40 hectares with 35 dedicated to coffee, is where age old tradition meets festidious care and attention to detail.

In the heart of this lush landscape, the Yellow Catuai varietal flourishes, it is then naturally processed to capture the essence of Brazil's coffee heritage, with Ciro overseeing every detail of production to ensure unparalleled quality.

In the cup of this coffee you'll find flavour notes of dry roasted peanuts, almost like peanut butter when milk is added, combined with milk chocolate raisins, and lifted by a bright orange acidity that finishes experience with a super pleasant freshness. It’s a flavour journey that reminds you what Brazilian coffee should be, and why they're the largest coffee producer in the world! Capim Seco has just set the bar for Brazilian Coffee, and you have a front row seat to see what all the fuss is about.

Brewing: This coffee is born to start life as a double espresso. It takes milk so well and transforms the peanut into butter, and the cacao into chocolate. It's a cup that just feels like "really good coffee", as it should be.

When brewed as pourover it has a breathtaking clarity that's rare to find with a Brazilian coffee, which is further highlighted by it's vibrant orange acidity and justified by it's subtle complexity at the heart of the brew. 

Find out what we mean, on BearbeansTV for an immersive brew-along, exploring the depths of Capim Seco’s flavours and how to really unravel the most out of this coffee. 

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