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Ipanema G34 (Fig) - BRAZIL


G34 Fig: Ipanema Red Geisha

Sweet Figs // Manuka Honey // Cereal // Rich

G34 Fig: Red Geisha... Perfection

Ipanema Farm. August. The Red Geisha's of lot G34 are ripe and ready for picking. Over the next 2 weeks they will be hand picked on multiple passes to ensure ripeness & yield are peak.

The cherries are then naturally processed in hyper controlled conditions and the result is simply sublime.

Categorised by Ipanema themselves in their top tier "Diamond" category, each sip of this coffee unfolds a tapestry of sweet figs and Manuka honey, woven with subtle cereal notes, culminating in a rich and deserved feeling of indulgence. This coffee is a real celebration of Ipanema's commitment to precision and quality, from its state-of-the-art facilities to its environmentally conscious practices.

Brewing: We fully recommend brewing G34 as a filter, however you may prefer. We have tried each and every way to make this work as espresso, but for the life of us we can't! As ever, share your findings with us on instagram, we're so keen to hear how you're getting on with it!

[Brew the G34 Fig with us and watch us tearing our hair out over the espresso machine from May 2024 at]


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