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Bear Necessities - The Everyday Best Espresso Blend



Milk Chocolate // Caramel // Light Fruit

Your Morning Coffee Just Got an Upgrade.

Bear Necessities is the beating heart of Yellow Bear Roasters, where we blend up a little magic with seasonally varying beans from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil, Uganda, Peru & occasionally Ethiopia. This is a shining example of our dedication to consistency, nailing those flavour notes, and faithfully recreating something special for the home espresso hero in all of us. Time after time. 

What’s in the cup? Melting Cadbury's chocolate, creamy caramel notes, and an aroma of light fruit. It’s the kind of coffee that makes you wonder how you ever started your day without it. Milk’s best friend and the perfect partner for your espresso adventures at home, this blend is smooth, rich, and ready to rock your world.

This blend isn’t just a favourite at our little Holmfirth shop; it’s the heart and soul of what we brew. We’re talking 100% Specialty Arabica - the good stuff. It’s our go-to, everyday best, HOME ESPRESSO Blend that we can’t wait for you to try.

Brewing: Ready to go? Try it as your new morning coffee with your tried and tested ritual, and if you're curious to find out more then don’t miss our BearbeansTV brew-along, where we’ll show you what we do with this blend. It’s going to be fun, informative, and delicious – just how we like it.

[Check us out in May 2024 for brewing tips and tricks at]

Welcome to the Yellow Bear Family 💛 

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