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Ipanema B34 (Blackberry) - BRAZIL


B34 Blackberry: Ipanema Yellow Bourbon

Blackberry // Red Cherry // Black Tea

B34: Punching well above it's weight.

From the innovative grounds of Ipanema Farm, amongst the sanctuaries of the Mantiqueira Mountains, comes B34 Blackberry, a lot that is bursting with fruit, and real class. The Yellow Bourbon varietal, known for its classic fruity profile, is naturally processed to showcase the vibrant essence of blackberry and red cherry, rounded off with the refined taste of black tea.

This lot embodies the spirit of Ipanema's pioneering approach to coffee production, where traditional practices meet cutting-edge technology in the quest for extraordinary flavors. On the Fazenda (Portuguese for Farm) you'll find stainless steel, machined curves and architecturally spectacular design. All aligned to the pursuit of achieving the very best in growing, processing and storing coffee beans. From cherry to bean. 

B34 Blackberry is a perfect example of not just the farm's legacy, but the potential for its' future.

Brewing: Perfect as a bright and aromatic espresso or as a lively pour-over, B34 Blackberry is a coffee passport for you to join Brazil's celebrated coffee culture.

We'll be brewing Ipanema's B34 Blackberry on BearbeansTV, where we will attempt to extract the maximum fruitiness from this aptly named coffee.

[B34 Blackberry. Going live on youtube from May 2024 at]

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