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Los Pocitos - NICARAGUA


Los Pocitos: Nicaragua (Washed)

Coco Pops // Milk Chocolate // Caramel

Los Pocitos: Nicaraguan Nostalgia in a cup

This coffee hails from Nicaragua’s coffee growing Jinotega region, where the Los Pocitos farm, managed by Saxony Estate Coffee, S.A, brings a bowl of childhood memories into our cups. Situated within the lush expanse of the Peñas Blancas Nature Reserve, this farm is a prime example of how traditional farming methods and environmental stewardship can come together to produce coffee that's not just good, but evokes powerful nostalgia.

Cultivated at 950 meters above sea level, the Sarchimor varietal grown at Los Pocitos thrives in volcanic ash soil, enriching each cherry with the classic Nicaraguan washed profile. This fully washed coffee, teems with the comforting taste of the milk left over from a bowl of Coco Pops, has a sweet caramel quality when made with milk

The farm's commitment to preserving its surrounding ecosystem and enhancing local living conditions shines through in every bean, promising not only a delightful cup but also a bright future for the region.

Brewing: Perfect as a comforting morning brew or a chocolatey afternoon treat, Los Pocitos is equally pleasant however you brew it. We find it's super smooth as an espresso based drink, and has a soft, chocolatey texture when brewed as filter. 

[Join us on BearbeansTV from May 2024 onwards to brew Los Pocitos along with us. (Bring Your Own Coco Pops)]

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