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Ipanema B73 (Wine) - BRAZIL


B73 Wine: Ipanema Yellow Bourbon

Wine // Baileys Irish Cream // Boozey // Stewed Plums

B73 Wine: A Toast to Ipanema's Mastery.

Once again, we're on the fertile plains of the Mantiqueira Mountains, at Ipanema Farm, in an attempt to unpack the B73 Wine lot and it's decadent character.

Cultivated from the Yellow Bourbon varietal and processed with their technically perfected dry anaerobic fermentation, this coffee offers a bouquet of wine and Baileys Irish Cream, with notes of stewed plums that promise a rich, boozey embrace with each sip.

Ipanema's relentless innovation and reverence for its land are exemplified in B73 Wine, and it's in their highest graded category of coffees. The farm's meticulous approach, from its revolutionary milling facilities to its dedication to organic practices, ensures that every bean tells a story of quality, sustainability, and passion and puts Brazil on the map as not only the largest coffee producer in the World, but the BEST.

Brewing: We adore this as a flat white... it's so opulent, creamy and feels like it shouldn't be allowed. But this is your world, and you can do what you want.

Cafetiere, V60, Aeropress brewing of this coffee is exactly what you expect. Coffee excellence, purity, clarity, fruitiness balanced with a juicy texture and sweet mouthfeel. This coffee is perhaps this writer's favourite of all time. 

Join us on bearbeanstv from May onwards to hear lots of "ohhh" "wowwww" and "sheeeesssss" whilst we brew and drink this coffee.


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