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Ay Kyarumba! - UGANDA


Uganda Kyarumba (Natural): A Treat from Rwenzori's "Mountains of the Moon"

Red Fruit // Juicy Peaches // Syrup

Ay Kyarumba! : A Treat from the "Mountains of the Moon"

Welcome back to the breathtaking terrains of Africa, where the Kyarumba Natural from Uganda's Kasese District hails from, and is lovingly shipped to us at Yellow Bear Roasters.

We were looking for a bright and fruity coffee to add to our Coffee Portfolio, as you always ask for those irresistable flavour notes of "Red Fruit, Sweetness & Bright Acidity" and we love an excuse to buy more of it! Well, this Pearl of Africa hits that profile square on the nose.

We've affectionately named it "Ay Kyarumba!" after our favourite yellow spikey-haired character cartoon character, and it's also exactly what you say after the first sip!

Natural processed, quality driven and the collective community effort of 842 smallholder nano producers all working together. This blend of SL28 and SL14 varietals ascends from the Rwenzori Mountains' iconic coffee-growing hills comes courtesy of the likes of;

  • Alex Thabalenga in Kyarumba
  • Joshua Bwambale in Kituti
  • Issac in Kituti
  • Julius in Buzira
  • The Kalingwe Family
  • The Muhindo Family
  • The whole team at Nyabirongo processing station
  • ... The list goes on, and the photos are literally the people who pick your coffee!

Beyond its taste, Ay Kyarumba! stands as a beacon of sustainability and progress and where we see the coffee industry going in the future. Spearheaded by Agri Evolve, this coffee highlights not just superior cup quality but also a brighter future for the growing community through innovative environmental practices. It's not just coffee; it's a cheers to the future, a testament to the power of thoughtful cultivation and a damn fine coffee to enjoy whilst we're changing the world. 

Your Invitation to brew: Dive deep into its richness as a super fruity espresso or bathe in its exceptional clarity as a pour-over. 

Don't miss out on brewing this liquid gold with us on BearbeansTV. Join us from May 2024 as we explore the magic of Ay Kyarumba! Amongst several other world changing incredible coffees to redefine your morning ritual. 

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