Bear. The Coffee Roasters

Jim Robison Ceramics - Limited Run #3

Individually crafted by neighbour and friend, Jim Robison.

Each stunning piece has a signature thumbprint for your hand to hug, feels beautiful to drink from and is the perfect size for your filter coffee, short flat white, espresso, long black, or small size latte.

At age 83, Jim is a master of his art, and as modest as he is skilled. When asked,

"How would you describe these mugs?"
he replies
"Well, they're just small drinking vessels aren't they?"...!

For us, they're so much more than that;
Jim has spent hours choosing, shaping, mixing, glazing, firing, and finishing each mug,
Years developing his glazes, with recipes borrowed and adapted from dear friends over the years,
and Decades refining his art and connection with clay. 

These mugs are the pure distillation of a lifetime spent on total dedication, through failed experiments, trials succeeding, happy accidents and the sum total of generations of ceramicists. This is your chance to have a piece of that.

Please understand that these are a limited run, and will sell out. That's not some sales tactic (I mean, it obviously is, but it's true), and there will (hopefully) be more limited runs coming in the future, but nothing is certain.   

Let this be the justification you need to take time out of your day for yourself. 

Make a coffee, sit a while, and let this be your excuse. Because we owe it to ourselves to appreciate each other, and the best way to start doing that, is to appreciate ourselves. 

Thanks for reading this far, we hope you love choosing and then enjoying your new favourite mug 🐻 

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