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A 100% Bourbon varietal, exhibiting rich flavours of Chocolate, Caramel with hints of cherry and marzipan. This is a truly exceptional and highly sought after varietal and this farm have committed to producing it exclusively.
Finca Concepción Pixcayá is a relatively small coffee grower situated high up in the Antigua region of Guatemala. With only 22 hectares of the farm growing coffee, the quality of care that goes into cultivating each bean is exceptionally high. That dedication and attention, coupled with heights of ~1900 meters above sea level help to create a stunning cup for your morning routine. 


Roasted slightly darker than most to bring out the richness of the flavour profile. 
This is a simply beautiful coffee, from a truly visionary coffee producer. Their past awards include 4x top 25 rankings in the Cup of Excellence in the last 10 years...
If you are aware of the Cup of Excellence and the incredibly competitive nature then you will understand how monumental it is to place so highly, and so consistently.

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